• Why ECO-COMPACT CITY is more efficient than SPRAWL CITY?

    • it consumes less territory
    • it allows a correct density
    • it allows small retail to be on street and on square
    • it maximizes investment
    • it allows the creation of an efficient network of public utilities
    • it allows the creation of an efficient public transit system

    180.000 inhabitants
    Urbanized Area: 2.000 ha
    Mall Surface: 55.000 m2
    Retail Surface: 1.370.000 m2

    180.000 inhabitants
    Urbanized Area: 4.300 ha
    Mall Surface: 1.200..000 m2
    Retail Surface: 176.500 m2

Corviale, Rome
New Masterplan
New Eco Compact
Renato dall'Ara
Stadium, Bologna
New masterplan

  • Eco-Compact Metropolis Main city of a Region or State as is from the ancient Greek language meter=mother and polis=city, that is "mother-city" in relation to other derived urban settlements by foundation or administration.
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  • Eco-Compact City A specific historic and social reality, but also giuridical - administrative physically organized according to a particular combination of open and built spaces...
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  • Eco-C. Neighborhood An organic portion of the polycentric city, with a certain functional and administrative authonomy. Rich in public spaces, both open and built, proportionally to the social life...
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  • Eco-Compact District Is an urban area specialized around a main activity. . Examples given are Theatre Districts, University Districts, Campuses, Fair Districts, etc. The structure of a District...
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  • Eco-Compact Village Small settelment or group of buildings organically conceived as dependent from a bigger urban centre. It is often considered as basic unit with a specific character which names...
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  • Eco-Compact Plaza It is an open public space organically connected with the surrounding urban fabric. It provides the urban neighborhood with a focal point for gathering. Each eco-urban neighborhood...
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  • Eco-Compact Block It is always defined by buildings aligned on street's edge, thus providing the block with one or several internal courtyards where kids or older people can play and rest in a protected....
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  • Eco-Compact Building It is made of traditional regionl materials expressing the climate, geographical and cultural characters of the Region. It is always oriented towards the principles of bio-architecture...
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